Let’s Make Health Care More Affordable by Lowering Prices

The Alliance for Fair Health Pricing is a non-partisan coalition representing patients, consumers, businesses, purchasers and health care providers who are working together to make high-quality health care more affordable for consumers and employers.

NEW REPORT: Health Care Consolidation: Background, Consequences, and Policy Levers

Rising health care costs affect every level of the economy, squeezing households, employers, and governments’ budgets. A key driver of excess health spending in the U.S. is the consolidation of the health care market – which increases hospital prices for the privately- insured.

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The mission of the Alliance for Fair Health Pricing is to create a more accessible, affordable, equitable and sustainable health care system for all Americans. Our aim is to educate concerned citizens and decision makers about how health care prices are set and to lay out paths toward common-sense solutions to lower prices.

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